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What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long term care insurance is one type of insurance coverage that is available to people who might potentially need long term care. However, there are many types of long term care insurance (or LTCi) that are available. LTC insurance covers, as a standard, the types of things that health insurance doesn’t, and it can also […]

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Exceptions to Medicaid Gifts

Many people try to give away some or most of their assets in order to qualify for Medicaid. However, when someone gives away any property within five years of applying for Medicaid coverage for long-term care, Medicaid will presume that the gift was given in order to be able to qualify for Medicaid coverage. That […]

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Gifts and Medicaid

Everyone likes receiving gifts, and the birthday card or holiday card filled with money is definitely a lot of people’s favorite gift. While we might enjoy seeing the looks of joy on the faces of our loved ones, we need to be careful in giving away our money if we think we may one day […]

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Can Medicaid Take Your House?

If you are an elderly individual who has been living with your spouse for most of your life, it can be a scary situation if they are suddenly put into a nursing home, and it can leave your mind full of swirling questions and concern. Not the least of those questions might be if Medicaid […]

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What is a Medicaid Lien?

Basically, for people who are 55 or above, the states are required to get recovery of payments from the person’s estate for things like nursing facility services, home and community-based services, and related hospital and prescription drug services. The states also have the option to get back the payments for all the other Medicaid services […]

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What to Do When You Have too Much Income for a QIT

One of the main things that Medicaid does is pay for nursing home care for the individuals who qualify for the program. If you find you’re going to be going to a nursing home and the state disqualifies you from receiving your benefits because your current income is over that of the Medicaid limit, it […]

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Miller Trusts and Qualified Income Trusts

A Miller Trust and a Qualified Income Trust (or QIT) are technically one and the same. Now that we know that, let’s talk a bit about them.  A Qualifying Income Trust (QIT) or Miller Trust makes it so that people with a gross income of over $1,656 per month can place all or part of […]

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Miller Trusts -What are They?

When it comes to the law, sometimes even the things that should be simple are made difficult by all sorts of information and forms that need to be filled out. In this topic, we’ll look at one of those potential forms: The Miller Trust. A Miller Trust is the same thing as an “Income Cap […]

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How to Qualify for Medicaid

Finding out whether you qualify to receive Medicaid may seem confusing at first, but basically, it is based on the income levels and assets of the applicant(s). However, disabled persons or those who are caring for disabled individuals may also qualify to receive it as well. A person’s eligibility is also affected by things like […]

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Annual Exclusion Gifts and Medicaid

A lot of people think that if they can give away an amount of money that is equal to the annual gift tax exclusion—which as of this writing is $15,000 to any one person—the gift will then not be included in the five-year look back period from Medicaid that might cause a waiting period to […]

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  • "When my mom had a stroke we had no idea what level of care she needed and we certainly didn't expect to pay such a high price, Care Watchdog put us in touch with great communities.
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    Susan B. Cherry Hill, NJ
  • "When my widower father suffered a bad fall, and was subsequently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I knew that I’d need help placing him in a facility that could not only care for his physical needs, but his psychological needs as well. With the help of Care Watchdog we were not only able to find the perfect long-term care placement for my father, but we were also able to navigate the difficult waters presented by Medicaid, and the estate planning that is required by that program."
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