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Do I Have to Eat with Others?

In our society, or any society for that matter, eating is normally seen as a communal activity. It allows us an opportunity to meet two needs at once: the need for sustenance and the need to socialize. However, sometimes we all have bad days, or just days where we feel off, or may not feel […]

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Protections of a Resident’s Funds

You may be wondering what rights you have in a nursing home that is certified by Medicaid or Medicare. It’s important to remember that you do have certain rights and protections under the law—both federal and state—that work together to help ensure you get the care and services you require. In this article, we’ll take a look […]

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How To Know Your Personal Needs Allowance

A Personal Needs Allowance (or PNA) is no doubt a term the general population is unfamiliar with. Like many other legal terms, it can be confusing if you don’t know what it is or what it does. As such, this article aims to clear up any confusion you might have on the Personal Needs Allowance […]

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Understanding a Nursing Home Admission Agreement

No one likes reading and filling out forms. For a nursing home admissions agreement, there may be pages and pages of information you have to read through. You may wish it could be like an internet site where you just click “accept” and are done with it. However, this. Agreement is very important, and when […]

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What to Do When Your Loved One Has a Bedsore

Bedsores can be very painful, and they are also one of the most common signs of abuse in nursing homes, nursing home neglect, or medical malpractice in hospitals. While they may not seem like much on their own, they can lead to other more serious health issues, such as infections or other life-threatening injuries. They […]

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When Loved Ones Reject Care

No one likes to see those they love, who were once strong, vibrant, and full of life, suddenly be unable to do things that used to come so easily to them. If your loved one is no longer able to independently do the things they once could, what do you do if they refuse to […]

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Am I Responsible for Cost of Care?

When it comes to getting older, there is a lot to research to check and double-check. This information overload can lead to a lot of confusion, and some questions you might have may get lost in the midst of trying to figure all of these things out. In this article, we are going to directly […]

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Do I Have to Use My Own Money to Care for My Loved One?

Caregiving can be a very difficult job. Long hours, sometimes thankless family members, and general financial and physical stress can lead to burnout very quickly. So the question we want to answer today is: “Do I really need to use my own money to care for my loved one?” The answer is that “it depends.” […]

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Why Do They Make You Leave the Hospital With Little Notice?

Sometimes people are on a search for assisted living, home health care, skilled nursing or a nursing home because they’re pressed for time by the hospital. The hospital may have said that your loved one is being discharged the next day, you’ve received a list of possible facilities for rehab, and now you have to […]

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What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Emergency medical transportation is one of the many things that Medicare will cover for those who are eligible. An emergency would be defined as any time your medical needs are immediate, such as having a heart attack or being severely hurt in a car accident. In these types of situations, you may need to be […]

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  • "When my mom had a stroke we had no idea what level of care she needed and we certainly didn't expect to pay such a high price, Care Watchdog put us in touch with great communities.
    Very Appreciative."
    Susan B. Cherry Hill, NJ
  • "When my widower father suffered a bad fall, and was subsequently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I knew that I’d need help placing him in a facility that could not only care for his physical needs, but his psychological needs as well. With the help of Care Watchdog we were not only able to find the perfect long-term care placement for my father, but we were also able to navigate the difficult waters presented by Medicaid, and the estate planning that is required by that program."
    Brian P. Atco, NJ
  • "Elder law and estate planning is a complex area of the law and he has really mastered it. I am more than pleased with their work in regards to quality and expediency. I highly recommend Care Watchdog to anyone needing guidance in this area."
    John P. Philadelphia, PA

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