Dealing with Medical Personnel

The fact of the matter is that those individuals who work in the medical field often have long hours, get little sleep, and may be consistently weighed down by the burden of trying to care for a great number of patients all at the same time. As such, it is important that we know how to properly deal with them, if the need arises. 

The sad truth is that some people working in the medical profession just simply are not the friendliest people. One would think that someone who deals with people all day would have to at least have a shred of likability. However, we have to remember that medical personnel are people too, just like us, and just like the patients they see on a daily basis. As such, they can also experience trouble that allows their personal lives to seep into their professional lives. This can be very stressful and make them appear to be snappy, short, or sometimes seemingly uncaring toward people.

If we can remember this, it will go a long way in making the situations that both they, as the professional, and we, as the caregivers and family or friends, might encounter. Again, they often work long hours and can, at times, seem underappreciated for the work that they do in trying to care for their patients. It’s also important to note that even those who seem cold and distant toward people often do not want to wind up like that. They, just like everyone who enters the medical field, do so in the hopes of being able to make a difference in someone’s life. Even though it may not appear as though they do, chances are that even those that seem stern  and unwelcoming do, in fact, care an awful lot about the work they do and the patients they care for.

People who work in the medical field (whether nurses, doctors, or others), have needs and problems just like the rest of us, and it is important to recognize the times and places where we can show kindness or gratitude for the hard work that they do for our loved ones. In doing so, we can ensure a happy, healthy working environment for them, and a happy and healthy living space for our loved ones, too.