Roommates and Medicaid at a Long-Term Care Facility

Making the move to an assisted living facility or nursing home is a daunting task, and apprehension and uncertainty often come along with it. This can be especially true if you or your loved one is used to living on their own. The thought that you might potentially have a roommate may not be a pleasant one for some. The question that some may want answered then, is this: do you get a roommate if Medicaid is paying for your stay?

And the answer is yes.

When Medicaid pays your fees at an assisted living facility or nursing home, it is very common to expect to have a roommate, though it may not always happen. Medicaid doesn’t require that patients share a room, but they will limit what they will pay. Those who don’t have Medicaid may share a room in order to help cut down on costs and stretch their savings longer. 

However, if the patient or family has the means to do it, they can pay to have a private room instead.