Allergies and Food Restrictions in a Facility

Allergies and food restrictions can be tough to follow for the younger, healthier people among us. Let alone an elder who may have special nutritional restrictions or allergies to certain ingredients that comes with getting older. After all, making the decision to transfer our loved ones to a facility can be hectic enough without having to think of all the things and small details that care at a facility may entail. 

When it comes to those special food restrictions or allergies that our elder loved ones may have, the good news is that the facility should have a medical record of the patient given to them by the elder’s primary health care provider. They will know what medications the senior takes, and what he or she can or cannot have as far as food is concerned. 

A facility should be provided with all the necessary information related to the senior’s well-being and care, so that he or she may receive the best possible care. As such, relatives needn’t worry about such things, and can focus on what they need to focus on—making sure their loved one is feeling comfortable and happy before, during, and after the transition to the facility. It’s a big step, and a lot to get used to on all sides, and something like allergies or special food restrictions shouldn’t be something that keeps us up at night.