Unsolicited Home Repair

We’ve already talked at length about some of the ways that scammers and con artists will try to commit financial abuse against seniors. Unfortunately, we are not done yet. There is yet another way that people may try to defraud unsuspecting elders, and that is through unsolicited home repairs. One possible scam to keep an eye on is one involving a handyman or home repair person who stops by unannounced or unplanned. This person may tell the elder that there are new regulations and that they need to “get up to code,” or that they simply “noticed your house needs repaired.” At this point, they will “do the repair” or do nothing at all, and then bill the senior for the service. 

In some scams, the scam artist will secretly do some unsolicited work on the house and then approach the senior with a bill for the service that the senior did not request. 

If you or a loved one find yourself in this situation, be vigilant and always get a free estimate and second opinion. If you have any questions, be sure to speak with an experienced elder law attorney.