Fraud—Vendors Charging Excessive Amounts

We’ve already seen how many scammers and con artists could try to use a variety of means to swindle money from unsuspecting seniors. However, they come up with new ways to get money all the time, and one of them is by charging excessive amounts of money for products.

They may overstate the worth of the product, claiming it to be worth much more than the elder is aware, when in reality this is a scam to try and swindle them out of their hard-earned and well-deserved money. Often, this tactic is used when talking about a product that may be necessary for a senior to live a healthier and productive life, or something that is essential to their daily living.

The scammers may try to hide the overall high cost of the product behind interest and installment payments to swindle the elder out of his or her money slowly. By the time the senior realizes they have been the victim of a scam, the perpetrator has already moved on, and is picking his next target. 

Knowing that they have fallen for such a scam is nothing for an elder to be ashamed about, as these people are professionals at what they do, and they have perfected the art of lying. By being willing to speak up about their victimization, however, they may be able to help save others from suffering in the same way as they have themselves. It can be difficult to do, but with the help and support of their loved ones, they can make it through, and make sure that someone else doesn’t get hurt too.