Faking an Injury for Money

In these types of scenarios, scammers or con artists will approach an unsuspecting senior, claiming to have some sort of connection to law enforcement. They may also say they have a child or other relative who is sick, injured, or in jail, and ask the elder for money to help pay their medical bills or help to make bail.

In reality, they’re just out for money and will try anything to get you to give it to them. You should be aware that any stranger who comes up and asks for money to help with this or a similar type of situation, is most likely a con artist. It’s best to be on your guard against things like this and remember that if something doesn’t seem right to you, it most likely isn’t. If you want to give a few dollars to someone as charity, then that is one thing; however, you should know that the stranger who approaches you in the parking lot and asks for money for gas, a bus ticket, or for car repairs is probably just trying to hustle you for cash.